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UP-GREAT has been a hit with individuals and companies alike courtesy of its IT solutions as part of an overall package. In short, UP-GREAT provides you with IT that works. The company also provides successful and agile information management solutions with Sharepoint, with services ranging from different Cloud possibilities to mobility with Citrix and Vmware.


« Ad interim not only showed me the right answers, they also supported me in an uncomplicated and targeted way! »

Marcel Burkart
Head Customer Management

The challenge for every sales manager, in my opinion, is to achieve extraordinary results with his or her team. The basis for this is the right craft and the right approach – and Ad Interim Sales can supply both of these, on a long-term basis!

Which are the right elements to place the emphasis on? What are the strengths and weaknesses of my team? How can I continue to optimise my sales organisation? How can I get the right leads? These are the kind of questions which I, as head of sales, have to deal with on a daily basis.

Customer sector

  • IT

Services provided by Ad Interim

  • Contact management
  • Coaching / training
  • Sales