InnoWAYtor V4



We use telemarketing to contact our target segment via cold-calling. As the saying goes, you do not get a second chance to make a first impression, which is why it is important to approach the right person for this process. Our employers have business, IT and/or process-orientated training, meaning that we will find the right person for your service to make the first contact with your target customers.

For target segments with over 50 names, the sales contacts need to be professionally reflected in a CRM solution. This often goes beyond what Excel is capable of, since we often discuss matters with different points of contact from the customer for different topics. Contact management via a CRM solution enables you to maintain an excellent overview of the entire history of the total sales process without significant administrative work. We then document the entire history in the CRM, send out initial information via e-mail and arrange the subsequent customer meeting in an available slot in your calendar.

If the customer has a self-contained service package, we can also take over the sales aspect completely. It is often the case that we present our customer’s company and product portfolio in an initial conversation, then involve experts for the relevant individual topics in the sales process in subsequent discussions (to define the solution concept).