InnoWAYtor V4


For Citrix, it is globally important to support well-trained partners in every country, and to introduce and distribute the products correctly. While the technical conditions of the applications can be learned relatively simply with the right amount of effort, sales techniques are often where deals can break down.

We approached ad Interim Sales with this problem, and with the desire to:

  1. get our partners up to the required levels in terms of sales more quickly
  2. make better qualified release dates available to our partners
  3. ensure long-term management of our target customers
" ad Interim Sales’ approach really impressed us. "

Carlos Rosal
Channel Manager / Deputy Country Manager
Switzerland, Citrix

ad Interim Sales’ approach really impressed us. Our partners were given professional support in the sales process, the number and quality of customer meetings rose markedly and the end customers now see Citrix as a potential partner – either as a new customer or in the development of other products segments. From all of these various points of view, I can heartily recommend ad Interim Sales for acquiring partners, building up sales organisations and for the operational side of the sales process.

Customer sector

  • XenDesktop 7

Services provided by ad Interim

  • Telesales
  • Coaching / Training
  • Acquiring partners