InnoWAYtor V4


500 successful projects. 100 customers at their Swiss data processing centre.
40 customers in the Microsoft Cloud. Technical expertise in IT infrastructure, security, sourcing, cloud and mobility. Service skills in consultancy, project management, implementation, operations and support.
One owner/founder: Dino Fiori. Established in 1996.
30 skilled and motivated employees.
Dinotronic. A passion for IT.

Ad Interim Sales supported us in telesales campaigns for Cloud solutions and security for small and medium-sized businesses. As part of their contact management work, they positioned Dinotronic in among the members of management of target firms, and arranged meetings involving myself and our CEO.

« Ad Interim Sales gave us what we wanted: meetings and a well-stocked pipeline »

Philipp Negele
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Ad Interim Sales achieved this very well, with corresponding results. The meetings were ideally frameworked – we were able to discuss concrete projects with the head of client management, and shortly afterwards we had already built up an impressive pipeline with actual orders.

Customer sector

  • IT Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Sourcing
  • Cloud

Services provided by Ad Interim Sales

  • Telesales