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LOBOS Informatik AG is an innovative technology company which markets and develops an efficient and economic sector solution for small and medium-sized trading, industry and services businesses, using eNVenta ERP and other systems. Our years of experience carrying out projects with reputable small and medium-sized businesses have seen us acquire wide-ranging sector expertise, and enable us to speak in a language that our customers understand.

It is clear that to acquire new customers, you need people who know their way around the markets that we are cultivating, and also understand the various particularities of ERPs. In this respect, Ad Interim Sales GmbH were very much the ideal partner. New appointments were constantly being generated, within a very short time of them coming on board. Our lead pipeline developed at a very fast pace, and all in the space of a few months!

« To date, every lead has turned into a potential project. Ad Interim Sales not only set up appointments in the highly competitive ERP market using targeted arguments – they also analyse customers' actual needs and thus cut down on time that could be misspent during our presentations. »

Andrin Schaufelberger

We would like to thank Ad Interim Sales GmbH for their consummate professionalism when it comes to cold-calling, and would thoroughly recommend their services.

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