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In the area of business customers, it is important for us to be perceived as a relevant dialogue partner throughout the entire sales cycle. This also applies in particular when we want to approach new stakeholders outside the infrastructure and IT departments that we are usually familiar with.


« We have clearly achieved the jointly defined success rate. I can therefore gladly recommend Ad Interim Sales as a door opener. »

Alexandre Salzmann
Solution Sales Management,
Swisscom B2B

With the aim of allowing Swisscoms own resources to concentrate on following up pre-qualified leads and opportunities, we commissioned Ad Interim for the appointment process in the area of Swisscom SAP services.

In cooperation with Ad Interim Sales, we have also adjusted the strategic orientation of our services and optimised contact management in the various units.

At the beginning, we were sceptical as to whether it would be possible to generate qualitatively well-prepared appointments and qualified leads with external forces due to the diversity and complexity of the topics. The professionals from Ad Interim Sales showed us that it is possible.

Client Industry

  • Advisory, ICT Dienstleistungen

Ad Interim Sales Services

  • Appointment Scheduling at C-Level