InnoWAYtor V4


Threeway AG is a medium-sized company specialising in corporate websites, web shops and web applications.

In the first phase (strategy definition), an overview of the client’s business, product and distribution models was set out, with input from management level. Ad Interim Sales then provided their assessment of the prices of the individual offers, which were then individually increased to competitive levels designed to be economically sustainable for Threeway, based on the market and the competition.


« You're the only really well-functioning sales team i've ever met! »

Hakan Erci,
Dipl. Informatik Ing. FH

The second phase (contact management) saw the implementation of a CRM, with contacts investigated in order to identify existing customers whose web sites had been launched a number of years ago already.

The third phase (sales) involved acquisitions and was taken over by Ad Interim Sales on behalf of the client. It generated various leads for relaunches of existing web presences.

In the fourth and final phase, the creation of new products to extend the value creation chain was accelerated, in particular in the "web shops for ERP manufacturers“ segment. Further potential was also identified and achieved in the web accessibility sector.

Customer sector

  • Corporate Websites
  • Web Shops
  • Web Applications

Services provided by ad Interim

  • Workshop
  • CRM
  • New Lead Generation
  • Existing customers care